Terms and Conditions


Reservations can only be made on our site.

After making a reservation, a confirmation will be sent to you by email. If you do not receive this confirmation email the reservation is not registered and you should either try again, or get in touch via bookings@sherlocked.nl.

(note that the confirmation email could be in your spam folder)


All purchases are final. If you can’t make your appointment anymore, and you notify us before 72 hours of the appointment, we can reschedule your appointment at no extra cost, or -if you don’t know a new date yet- we can give you a booking voucher for you to use later (this voucher will be valid for 5 years). Sherlocked offers no refunds in any case of cancellation initiated by the client.

For cancellations, email hello@sherlocked.nl

Sherlocked retains the right to cancel or change any appointment up to 24 hours before the booking. In case Sherlocked has to cancel (with the exception of force majeur, see COVID-19) the full amount will be refunded within 30 days.

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Measures

The Sherlocked team does everything they can to prevent the Corona-virus from spreading:

  • We disinfect our rooms regularly during the day.
  • We ask teams to wash their hands carefully according to RIVM guidelines before entering the room and after they’re finished playing.
  • Our team takes the measures stated by the RIVM into account. This will mean they might no longer shake your hand when greeting you and your team.

Sherlocked follows the advice of the RIVM closely. If we have to close our rooms in the Beurs van Berlage due to COVID-19 measures taken either by the Dutch State, the RIVM or the Beurs van Berlage, we’ll try to find a new date for you to visit us. In this case, force majeure is applicable: refunds will not be applicable, and we reserve the right to cancel or change a reservation up to 1 hour before the booked time.

The Experience

When you participate in Sherlocked you understand that you’re not doing an everyday activity. It’s an exciting game, but also suitable for pregnant women and people of age 65 and above. Still, participating is at your own risk.


Children of age 13 and under will only be allowed to participate under the guidance of a chaperone of 16 years or older.


The fun of escape games is solving the puzzles. Grant your friends this experience and tell them about yours, but don’t tell the secrets. Consider yourself sworn to secrecy.


All games may be monitored and recorded audiovisually. Sherlocked may use the material for analysis. If you wish to not be recorded, or retro-actively want to have any material erased, ask your host upon arrival, or request it through a short email at policy@sherlocked.nl

Alcohol / Drugs

Being under the influence of drugs- and/or alcohol is prohibited during the game.

When at the start of or during the game an employee of Sherlocked doubts the condition of a participant, they have the right to refuse admission or remove this person from the experience without compensation. It’s your responsibility to have a fully sharp and sober team, even on Fridays at midnight.

But please take note: misbehaviour when not intoxicated is also not tolerated and can be met with the same consequences.

Privacy Statement

Read our privacy statement here.

These terms and conditions are subject to change.