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We offer some of the most breathtaking
escape room adventures in Amsterdam

“Extremely cool, you háve to experience it”

“LOVED this escape room!
It is magical and brilliant.
Our jaws dropped many times..”

Neil Patrick Harris

“If you love escape rooms Sherlocked
is the one to visit.”

Alicja on Tripadvisor

“By far the most exciting and challenging experience you can have with your friends
right now.”

Charles Dheere on Tripadvisor

“The best group activity I have done in years!”

Sven on Tripadvisor

“Absolute highlight of a brilliant weekend”

Kasi on Tripadvisor

“Great opportunity to challenge a team to work together towards one common goal.”

Marc Jansen ( Global Manager Learning and Talent) on Tripadvisor

“I had the highest expectations
and it turned out even better!”

Mancini on Tripadvisor

“Not just highly recommended,
but something you really múst do.”

Michel on Tripadvisor

“A marvelous display of storytelling and suspense and a must-do for anyone in Amsterdam.”

Andrew on Tripadvisor

“Designed with love, care and dedication.”

Funtli on Tripadvisor

“The best aspect about Sherlocked is how
all the little parts and puzzles
build a great story together.”

Philo on Tripadvisor
a group escaping through a cabinet in an escape room in Amsterdam

Sherlocked Escape Rooms

Treat yourself to some of the most immersive adventures in the world. We pride ourselves in making our experiences as realistic and exciting as possible and for this, we received numerous honours:

“LOVED this escape room!
It is magical and brilliant.
Our jaws dropped many times.”
- Neil Patrick Harris

We’ve won a Travellers’ Choice Award every year in a row for 10 years.
This means that since our very beginning, we’ve consistently been among the top 10% of things to do worldwide!

escape room participant pointing at a puzzle

Looking for large group escape rooms?

For groups of 12+ players, we offer Time Crimes, an unforgettable investigation of a Rogue Time Traveller's lost luggage. Team up with up to 75 of your colleagues in a race against time itself! This is a great way to test your communication and collaboration skills in a fun and unique way.

This arrangement comes with a private game host and a possibility of catering. It is also possible to arrange this experience at your location.

City Adventures

Sunny days call for outdoor adventures!
Decipher the secret of one of Amsterdam’s most influential historical figures, all while exploring the city and its hidden gems. Or uncover the plot of legendary diamonds lost in WW2 - there are plenty of adventures around!

Home Mystery Games

The Vandermist Dossier

The Vandermist Dossier is a cooperative tabletop puzzle game. A treasure trove of beautiful, touch-real evidence from an old missing person’s case in a 1970's Dutch village. Will you follow the clues and figure out what happened to Abigail?

The Vandermist Trilogy

The Vandermist Dossier and its sequels are cooperative tabletop puzzle games. A treasure trove of beautiful, touch-real evidence from an old missing person’s case in a 1970's Dutch village. Will you follow the clues and figure out what happened to Abigail?

The Medusa Report

By yourself, or as a team of up to 4 players, you'll investigate a mysterious agency, uncover what really happened near Nikitagrad in 1974 and above all: find out where Abigail Vandermist is hiding!

The Nightingale Pact

The third game in the series, The Nightingale Pact, will hit Kickstarter in 2024!

An intricate digital mystery

Investigate the disappearance of Ada Lovelace and uncover a mathematical secret of epic proportions.

Ada’s Study is a smartphone game packed with intricate mechanical puzzles, intuitive touch controls and an elaborate mystery.

At Sherlocked, we aim to make the world
a bit more magical.

Online Escape Room: Marvin's Escapes

This is as close to playing a live escape room as you can get online. Jump into the colorful world of Marvin's Games together with your friends and feel like you're actually there!

Play with your friends, colleagues or family. If you can browse the internet, you can play this game!

Brown envelopes

Mystery Monthly

Every month we share highlights from the world of escape rooms, immersive experiences and other kinds of magical adventures.

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Escape Room Giftcards

Get a digital voucher, or have a physical gift card sent wrapped to you or the recipient. They can book their game themselves on our site, using the code on the gift card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the escape rooms?

The Architect is an escape room based experience with a playing time of 60 minutes.

The Vault is not just an escape room, but an immersive 'break-in' experience with a playing time of 80 minutes. Due to its unique concept, The Vault is experienced to be slightly more challenging than The Architect.

The Alchemist is a 90 minute 'magical' escape room and our newest addition to Sherlocked experiences. It has been well received by both escape room enthusiasts as well as players who are looking for more challenge.

Each of our escape rooms is unique and lots of fun!

PLEASE NOTE: While all our games take place in the same building, their staring points are different. Please refer to your booking information for exact entry instructions!

Is the location wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately our location is not wheelchair accessible. All our Amsterdam escape rooms are located in the Beurs van Berlage which is a historic building and not well equipped to accommodate wheelchair users.

Do you take unpaid reservations?

No, we only take paid bookings via our website. This makes our system faster and more transparent!

How do we get to your location?

We recommend travelling with public transport! The city centre is notoriously hard to reach by car (so you could be delayed), and parking is very expensive. It's a short walk from Central Station, and there are many public transport stops nearby.

PLEASE NOTE: While all our games take place in the same building, their staring points are different. Please refer to your booking information for exact entry instructions!

If you do decide to travel by car, have a look at the P+R options in Amsterdam.

Do you have official terms and conditions? What about a privacy policy?
What is your cancellation policy?

Up to 48 hours before your game, it is free to cancel or move your booking. We can refund you, or give you a voucher to make a new booking. If you cancel between 48 and 24 hours before your game, we refund 50%. Less than 24 hours before starting time, refunds are no longer possible.

For cancellations, email

It is only possible to receive a refund for the change in the number of players if you inform us via email before the game.
Sherlocked retains the right to cancel or change any appointment up to 24 hours before the booking. In case Sherlocked has to cancel (with the exception of force majeure) the full amount will be refunded within 30 days.

Can we play more than one escape room at the same time?

Yes! All our Amsterdam escape rooms run on the same time schedule (every two hours).
Please note that they have slightly different time limits (The Architect 60 min., The Vault 80 min., The Alchemist 90min.) so chances are the groups won't end at the exact same time.

While waiting on your teammates, how about you grab a drink in the Bistro Berlage? :) (located in the same building)

Can we do the escape rooms with more than 6 at the same time?

The Vault is playable by up to 7 people! 6 players is our maximum for the Architect and the Alchemist. Unfortunatelly we cannot exceed these numbers due to safety reasons and the design of the gameplay.
If your team is 12 people we advise you to consider the large group arrangement called Time Crimes.

Can my 12 year old son/daughter join my team?

Absolutely. Perhaps they will be the smartest player on your team...

Can our 12 year olds play without adult supervision?

No, some of our puzzles would be tricky without some adult insight. We've had groups of 14 year olds and they managed well, so we set the minimum age requirement at 14+ for groups without adults. A chaperone of 16 years or older is required for younger participants.

Can we start our game at a different time than the one available in the booking calendar?

We cannot change starting times of our games due since each experience requires preparations and run with a carefully orchestrated "game plan".

Can we be a little tipsy?

Not even a little. We need you at your sharpest, and also, the rooms are over 100 years old and not tipsy-proof.

We're pretty stern about this actually and our hosts will refuse or remove a player from the game if they feel they're intoxicated or disrupting the game flow.

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