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November 30, 2022

Why are you named Sherlocked?

Well, there's actually five reasons:

In this post, we share five reasons why we chose this name and how it relates to the themes and experiences of our escape rooms. We also recommend which of our escape rooms would be the best fit for fans of Sherlock Holmes, whether they prefer the classic stories, the modern movies, or a magical twist on the iconic detective.

Whether you're looking to unlock your inner Sherlock or simply have a fun and challenging experience, we hope you'll find the perfect escape room among our offerings.

Five reasons why we are named Sherlocked:

1) We want people visiting our escape rooms to unlock their inner Sherlock Holmes. To see patterns where others see randomness. To see doors where others see only walls. To Sherlock the world is to unlock it. To get Sherlocked is to unlock your own potential.

2) There’s power in all that is locked. The mysterious power of something that seems out of reach, but may with a clever mind and teamwork, be unlocked.

3) It’s an ode to our favorite character from the Sherlock Holmes adventures: Irene Adler. If you know, you know.

4) The building where our mysteries are set, the famous former stock exchange the Beurs van Berlage was built in 1903, around the time that Arthur Conan Doyle was actually writing the Sherlock Holmes stories. 

5) Well, you’ll find out when you play The Architect.

The character Sherlock Holmes however, is fictional and our escape rooms take place in the actual real world. This makes it hard for our stories to center on him. That said, members of the Society of Crossed Keys often use codenames for reasons of anonymity and perhaps it won’t surprise you that Sherlock Holmes is one of them.

“If I like Sherlock Holmes stories, which escape room would you recommend?”

Shortly put:

  • The Architect is like Sherlock Holmes in the books, classic, mysterious and full of ‘aha’ moments.
  • The Vault is like the movies with Robert Downey Jr. - slick, fun and action packed.
  • The Alchemist is more like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as he appears to have been in real life: magical and stranger than fiction…

The Architect is the best place to start; here you are tested with a variety of challenges  that could easily have been created by Professor Moriarty (no worries, he hasn’t).

The Vault is more like an action movie; a classic heist with a twist.
The Alchemist is a magical adventure where you’re tested in a race against the planets’ turning.