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June 1, 2023

33 Escape Room Tips to keep in mind

You’re going to play an escape room soon and you’re not sure where to start? We've compiled 33 invaluable escape room tips to help you excel in your upcoming escapade. From assembling the perfect team to problem-solving strategies, we've got you covered. Buckle-up and get ready to ace your next escape room triumph!

Escape room tips: Start with the right team

1. Choose your escape team wisely

When playing escape rooms, it’s best to know the people you are going to play with. Family, friends, you should know each other at least a bit before being trapped in a room together for more than an hour… Selecting the right team will set the stage for a seamless escape room experience. It’s also going to be easier for you to communicate, which takes us to our second tip.

2. Communicate and collaborate

During the game, remember to share information you find, don’t keep them to yourself! Whether they are clues or discoveries, always communicate with your teammates so that everyone has the same level of information to go further together. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

3. Assign roles 

Everyone has their own strengths and expertise, assign them to your teammates! Split up tasks and roles to follow to make your game easier. Don’t know what role to choose? We got you, check out this article we made about escape room player types and stick to what feels true to you.

4. Play to your team's strengths

Some people are good at searching, some people ace puzzles and riddles, others are more of the physical types. Leverage everyone's skills and abilities and use it to your own advantage. Assign tasks according to these abilities and you will be an unstoppable force within the escape room.

5. This is no horror movie, split up!

We promise that splitting up isn’t dangerous, it can be scary but it is necessary. You need to have every single member of your team in one corner of the room to scan it all, to search thoroughly. Also, working on multiple puzzles simultaneously will also save you a lot of time.

Separation can lead to triumphant reunions!

Escape room tips: Strategies to follow

6. Explore the escape room thoroughly 

As soon as the door closes, search the room like your life depends on it. Leave no corner unchecked, check inside of all the drawers, look behind doors, inspect every object… You don’t want to miss anything, and sometimes the most obvious aspects of the room are the most important. This is the perfect moment to channel your inner child and approach the escape room with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

7. Think and act

Taking time to reflect on what is in front of you in the room is great. Analyse, investigate, connect the dots… but don’t forget to act. Don’t be afraid to touch things, to try things, being wrong and making mistakes is part of the game! So try a mix of thinking and acting and your method should be perfect.

8. Not everything is a clue…

Sometimes, light bulbs are just… light bulbs. Be careful while touching wires as well and if you receive a call from your game master telling you to keep your fingers out of the electricity socket, do it.

9. Work systematically in an escape room

If a puzzle seems too big for one person or if it is taking you too much time, break it down into smaller tasks and tackle them one by one with your teammates. Work together! This will save you time but also energy.

10. Ask for help, you’re not alone

If you’re completely stuck, don’t forget that your host is here to help. If you have spent more than 15 minutes on the same puzzle, it may be time to ask for hints so you can move on. Sometimes, only a few words can enlighten you. But try to only ask when necessary, so that you still have the satisfaction of solving the escape room puzzles yourself.

11. Keep an eye on the clock

It is very easy to lose track of time in an escape room so make sure to check the clock from time to time, especially if you feel like you have been stuck in a puzzle for a long time. Time management will enable you to have clearer ideas and avoid a rush towards the end of the time span.

Escape room tips: What to wear?

12. Dress comfortably

Comfort and ease of movement is essential for playing in an escape room. Wear clothing that allows you to move freely, you never know the challenges that await you… Avoid anything too tight, too heavy, or too bulky especially in the summer. For more ideas on what to wear, take a look at our other blog on what to wear to an escape room.

13. Avoid bulky accessories

Minimise distractions and the risk of getting caught on objects, so leave your rings, bracelets and necklaces at home if possible. There might also be a risk of losing them in the room, so better be safe than sorry!

14. Wear comfortable shoes

You may be on your feet for a long period of time, so choose footwear that won't cause discomfort. We don’t recommend open shoes either as it is very easy to drop something in the escape room and hurt yourself. Another good thing to keep in mind is that you might have to run to escape… so choose shoes according to all of these situations.

15. Dress the part

Some escape rooms might ask their players to dress a certain way to fit the theme of the game, whether it is very fancy or silly, try and play the part! Our room The Vault actually invites people to dress as art collectors, so make sure to bring your best outfits to match with the room.

Escape room tips: Communication is key

16. Set up a clear communication method

To make sure that you understand each other during the game, agree on signals or codes to share information efficiently. You might want to yell every time you find something new or clap your hands to draw attention to a particular element of the room, the details are up to you as long as you communicate well!

17. Actively listen to each other

Pay attention to what your teammates are saying and don’t speak all at the same time. Everything you have to say will probably prove itself worthy of attention and everybody sees things differently, so make sure to listen to what everyone has to say or you might miss important details.

18. Your host is here to help!

Don’t forget to communicate with your host, they are here to help you! Don’t be scared to ask for hints, they are as much part of your team as your friends are. Listen closely to what they have to say, some words might mean more than what you think.

19. Take time to read and share

There might be a few things to read in an escape room. Remember to read things out loud so that everyone can have the same information in real time. If you ever get separated and read things for yourself, you should always find a way to communicate what you found out to the rest of your team, to stay on the same page.

20. Use concise language

Clearly articulate your thoughts and avoid unnecessary complexity. Try to use simple words to describe what you are doing and seeing to your teammates, this will save you a lot of time and energy as well.

Escape room tips: Work together

21. Be patient

Stay calm and composed, even when faced with escape room challenges. Yes, the clock is ticking but you will need to remain calm and cool when solving puzzles and enigmas. Stressing and acting restless will only make you lose time and could also make you miss important things!

22. Share the workload

Distribute tasks evenly to prevent one person from becoming overwhelmed. You should also not all be focusing on the same thing, every puzzle needs several brains to see the end of it, some elements of the room might be too much for one person.

23. If you’re stuck, pass it on

You’ve been working on a puzzle for what i t seems like forever and you can’t see the end of it? Switch roles with your escape room teammates, pass it on! Being stuck on the same thing for too long will only make you feel frustrated, better to let someone else have a fresh look at it so you can try something else in the meantime.

24. Celebrate successes together

Share what you did with your teammates, acknowledge achievements as a team and enjoy the victories! Some of the elements of the escape room might not include all players so make sure to keep everyone updated when you resolve or find out something. This is teamwork!

25. Maintain a positive attitude

Encourage optimism and avoid negativity or blame. After all, this is a game and you are here to have fun! Whether you are playing with friends or family, escape rooms should remain a fun moment to spend together, supporting each other throughout the game.

26. Losing is also part of the game

If you don’t make it, it’s perfectly fine. This is also part of the experience and it actually makes you learn a lot about yourself and your team. What could have been faster? Why did the clock go so fast? You only get better by trying and you might ace your next escape room thanks to the mistakes you’ve done before.

Escape room tips: Problem-Solving ideas

27. Pay attention to details

Examine everything closely for potential clues, search every corner of the escape room thoroughly and make sure you don’t miss anything. If you notice several repetitive patterns, they probably mean something, if you keep hearing the same sound over and over, ding into it!

28. Listen to the sounds around you

Some clues may not always be written on paper or hidden inside furniture. Listen closely to your environment, what can you hear? Is there music? Repetitive sounds? Puzzles can be heard, so be prepared for anything.

29. Ignoring things is also an option

Don’t lose too much time on details, if you see a stain… it might just be a stain. Don’t overthink everything and ignore what doesn’t feel puzzly or mysterious in some way, you might just unnecessarily lose time.

30. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Just go for it! There is no good or bad way to solve a puzzle (unless your host tells you so). You won’t be able to tell how to solve something unless you try it and mistakes make you go further. Try as hard as you can until you get the final result!

31. Organise your findings

Keep track of clues and objects, try to place them in a centralised area, in the middle of the room for example.This will save you a lot of time and effort as well, as some escape rooms will ask you to use the same objects numerous times. This way, you won’t have to run around and try to remember where you put your keys and trinkets.

32. Try different combinations

Don't be afraid to experiment and explore various possibilities. Some enigmas might be more challenging than others and require more than just intellectual capacities. Push and pull, speak out loud, turn things around, get physical! The solutions are almost never what you thought they would be, so get creative.

33. Stay focused on the game

Avoid distractions and stay immersed in the game, even when you think you’ve come to a dead end. There is always something to do, something to look at or someone to help. If you’re in doubt, call your host and ask for some advice.

You are now ready to ace your next escape room

With all of these tips, we believe that you are now fully prepared for your next adventure. Share this information with your teammates and you’re ready to go. 

Remember to stay spontaneous and have fun! These are the two last pieces of advice that we can give to make sure that your games will be a success.

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