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We offer some of the most breathtaking escape room adventures in Amsterdam

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Welcome to Sherlocked

Treat yourself to some of the most immersive adventures in the world. We pride ourselves in making our experiences as realistic and exciting as possible and for this, we received numerous honours:

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Looking for a large group game?

For groups of 12+ players, we offer Time Crimes, an unforgettable investigation of a Rogue Time Traveller’s lost luggage. Team up with up to 75 of your colleagues in a race against time itself! Communication and collaboration are paramount…

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Online: Marvin's Escapes

This is as close to playing a live escape room as you can get online. Jump into the colorful world of Marvin's Games together with your friends and feel like you're actually there!

Play with your friends, colleagues or family. If you can browse the internet, you can play this game!

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At Sherlocked, we aim to make the world a bit more magical.


Society of Crossed Keys

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Frequently Asked Questions
about our Amsterdam escape rooms

What's the difference between the escape rooms?

The Architect is an escape room based experience with a playing time of 60 minutes. The Vault is not an escape room, but an immersive 'break-in' experience with a playing time of 80 minutes. Due to its unique concept, The Vault is experienced to be slightly more challenging than The Architect. Both Amsterdam escape rooms are unique and lots of fun.

Can we play both escape rooms at the same time?

Yes! Both Amsterdam escape rooms run on the same time schedule (every two hours). Please note that they have different time limits (The Architect 60 min., The Vault 80 min.) so chances are the two groups won't end at the same time.

Can we do the escape rooms with more than 6 at the same time?

6 players is our maximum. With more players, the group dynamic changes and the escape room isn't as much fun. The Vault is playable by up to 7 people!

Is the location wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately our location is not wheelchair accessible. Both Amsterdam escape rooms are located in the catacombs of the Beurs van Berlage, only to be entered by stairs.

How do we get to your location?

We recommend travelling with public transport! The city centre is notoriously hard to reach by car (so you could be delayed), and parking is very expensive. It's a short walk from Central Station, and there are many public transport stops nearby. If you do decide to travel by car, have a look at the P+R options in Amsterdam.

Do you take unpaid reservations?

No, we only take paid bookings. This makes our system faster and more transparent!

What is your cancellation policy?

Up to 48 hours before your game, it is free to cancel or move your booking. We can refund you, or give you a voucher to make a new booking. If you cancel between 48 and 24 hours before your game, we refund 50%. Less than 24 hours before starting time, refunds are no longer possible.

For cancellations, email hello@sherlocked.nl.

Sherlocked retains the right to cancel or change any appointment up to 24 hours before the booking. In case Sherlocked has to cancel (with the exception of force majeure) the full amount will be refunded within 30 days.

Are the rooms scary?

No. The Amsterdam escape rooms are mysterious, challenging and exciting, but not scary in any way.

It's also fine if you're claustrophobic. The rooms are quite spacious, nobody is forced to do anything they don't want to, and you can always ask to leave the room if you feel uncomfortable.

Can my 12 year old son/daughter join my team?

Absolutely. Perhaps (s)he'll be the smartest player on your team...

Can our 12 year olds play without adult supervision?

Probably not. Most puzzles are age-independent, but some would be tricky without some adult insight. We've had groups of 14 year olds and they managed well, so we set the minimum age requirement at 14+ for groups without adults. A chaperone of 16 years or older is required for younger participants.

Can we be a little tipsy?

Not even a little. We need you at your sharpest, and also, the rooms are over 100 years old and not tipsy-proof. We're pretty stern about this actually and our hosts will refuse or remove a player from the game if they feel they're intoxicated or disrupting the game flow.

Visit Us

Beurs van Berlage
Damrak 247
1012 ZJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Kvk nr: 60930861
BTW nr: NL854122655B01
Tel: +31 (0)20 261 6433

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Map to Sherlocked's location at the beurs van berlage