'Last Contact' is a free online Escape Room / Puzzle Game experience designed for Researchers and Scientists.
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We have lost all communication to the SS Inquiry and it is up to you to find out what has happened...
Gather a team of 2 - 5 Players and embark on an
epic mission into the depth of outer space!
Anyone can play
'Last Contact' is an online escape game suitable for people who are completely new to any video game and also for people with more gaming experience.

You can play it in your browser and don't need to install any software.

The game is science themed so it is meant for people with background in scientific research.
Almost like being in the same room
'Last Contact' is a 3d experience. You walk around in the space with a character that has as head your webcam camera so you can see and talk to each.

This makes it feel almost like being in the same room.
~90 minutes experience
Reserve 90 min to play and some time to talk afterwards.
Play in Chrome or Edge
No installs required; play in your browser!
Up to 5 players
play with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 players per team
What do I need to play this game?
• Each player needs their own laptop (phone or tablet is not sufficient).
• Webcam, Microphone and Headphones
• A computer mouse (not recommended to play it on a touchpad)
• If your laptop is very old and you are in doubt if it will work, you can test it here
How much time will it take?
It depends a bit on how fast you play, but after 90 min you should have finished it. There is a space to hang out at the end so we recommend you to  also plan in a bit of time afterwards to explore more and to talk with each other about it
What is it like?

In the game, you walk around in a virtual 3D environment. You and your teammates look like robots with a screen displaying your webcam as your head.You can talk to each other and interact with the environment.You will be on a space mission and solve some challenges that are simplifications of scientific practice. Some other challenges will be just fun puzzles. The overall tone is humorous and a a tongue and cheek reflection on science and science fiction clichés.
Can I play on a tablet or phone?
No, you will need a laptop or desktop PC / Macintosh
Can I have some more information what the game is about?
If you need to know more about the intention of the game you can read about it here.
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